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1. Contact Swedish MEDCARE

Get in touch with us and let us know the treatments or procedures you wish to undergo. You decide when it best suits you to travel, and we will arrange your treatment appointments. Keep in mind that you can combine treatments with spa therapy, cultural outings and other recreational activities.

2. Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation of your treatment schedule and any other bookings from SMC.

3. Order tickets

Order your tickets to Riga or Stockholm or other arranged destination. Travel by ferry or by plane. There are multiple direct flights every day. Tallink Silja ferry leaves Stockholm every other day. Please see also trip recommendations here.

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4. Treatment schedule and other bookings

Send us your travel booking and we will take care of the rest: we will schedule your appointments, book your stay at the hotel and arrange everything you need and want during your stay in Riga.

5. Arrival in Riga

When you arrive at Riga International Airport or Riga Ferry Terminal, you will be greeted by SMC assistant, who will take you where you need to go.