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GET IN SHAPE BEFORE THE SEASON or just start a  'new life'

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WEIGHT CORRECTION - WE HAve arranged everything so YOU CAN MAKE IT


Just imagine - finally you dedicate yourself to the lifestyle change you have always wanted!


As a complement to our medical services, we are pleased to offer exclusive guaranteed weight loss program (if you strictly follow the program) in collaboration with premier weight management centre facilities in the Baltics -in Latvia.

Followed-up by the professionals, isolated from temptations (wrong foods, sweets, alcohol), surrounded by beautiful nature scenery. You will have undisturbed focus on your weight correction intentions and lifestyle goals.

The weight correction process includes an amazing and very generous program with the system of ALL Inclusive: balanced meals 5 times a day, regular exercises, body and facial treatments.


  • Accommodation (accomodation options for 1 and 2 persons)
  • 5 balanced meals a day
  • Fasting days (kefir (buttermilk) based diet) on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • Consultation of the doctor (2 compulsory appointments with further referral when needed)
  • Individual fitness program
  • Nordic walking (2 times a day for 1 hour)
  • Fitness sessions (3 times per week)
  • Working out on a biomechanical stretching stimulation device at a doctor's prescription
  • Water aerobics (4 times per week)
  • Overall massage therapy (every other day)
  • Facial massage and lymphatic drainage massage sessions (every 2nd day)
  • Sharco shower/ hydromassage (2 times a week)
  • Milk and beer baths (1 time a week)
  • Swimming pool (6PM till 10PM every day, when you are free from the scheduled trainign sessions)
  • Horseback riding (at your option)
  • Excursions with a coach / animator (Nordic walking, museums, mushroom farm, tours to the seaside, the ostrich farm, tours to the nearby cities)
  • Facilities for playing football, tennis (“cannon”), basketball, table tennis (ping-pong), foosball, skiing, catamaran, kayak (sports equipment at the reception)
  • Fishing (optional, with own fishing rods)      

The targeted weight loss is average 400 grams per day. Statistics show - during 10 day stay women lose average 4-6 kg, men 6-8 kg weight.



Ask your questions, tell your preferred arrival time, apply NOW.

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Experience how nice are the premises and surroundings in our picture GALLERIE.

Here is our customer's - Kurt, entrepreneur (70),  feedback:

"Before going there I was slightly concerned whether I will get used to not enough food, but was surprised by the rich and tasty menu despite diet nature. I was at the center for 10 days, was very determined, and went down all 8kg. The surroundings are calm and harmonious without any disturbances. Now I continue with my healthier and more active lifestyle and feel really good about my life."

Please kindly read the IMPORTANT information before booking - this involves contraindications for weight loss programs in case of specific health condition.