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Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men - around 10,000 new cases diagnosed each year. In most cases, healthcare systems are effective at dealing with this disease, but because there are so many patients, getting a diagnosis can sometimes require long waiting periods.

You yourself can do something to be confident of your health condition - KNOW YOUR PSA VALUE!


  • visit your specialist - urologist to have examination and PSA (prostate-specific antigen) value check, by a blood test. OR
  • apply for Men's health check program in Riga, Latvia. Get PSA value and urologist examination on the same day. OR
  • apply for medical examination in Stockholm by Swedish MedCare advisory specialist in urology, Bengt-Erik Carbin. At Carbin Urology, the Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.carbin picture

If the PSA value is elevated?

If the PSA value is elevated, additional samples are taken to see whether the PSA value changes over time. Elevated PSA levels are not markers of cancer exclusively. For this reason, the texture of the prostate is also examined via the rectum, with an ultrasound performed to measure the volume of the prostate and determine whether there are any areas in the gland with suspected cancerous growths.
Once elevated PSA values have been verified, a biopsy is commonly performed. This involves taking a tissue sample from the prostate to determine whether it contains cancer cells. This is done by inserting an instrument into the rectum. The instrument runs a biopsy needle into the prostate through the intestinal wall to retrieve a tissue sample. This is repeated a number of times to obtain tissue from different sections of the prostate. Normally a biopsy will not cause major discomfort, but local anaesthesia can be administered as needed.
The tissue samples are examined in a laboratory to determine whether there are any cancerous cells. If cancer cells are detected, their malignancy is assessed, normally with reference to what is called the Gleason grading system. The cancer cells are assigned a Gleason value that serves as the basis for the decision on further action. 



Tests are run and results obtained in ~ 10 days, instead of the standard 6-8 weeks (in Sweden).

Three options are available:

  • the biopsy is performed by your specialist - urologist (in Sweden). Beforehand please notify your urologist that you prefer to have quick result on biopsies, to have Swedish MedCare to send tissue samples to the partner laboratory in Riga, Latvia for assessment. SMC program is implemented in close cooperation with your regular urologist that will instantly get the test results. Your urologist should contact us beforehand to agree on the courier and delivery issues. Laboratory tests are assessed and results are ready within ~ 4-5 days. So for a customer it takes ~ 10 days to know the result, instead of the standard 6-8 weeks (in Sweden).
  • the biopsy is performed in Sweden by Swedish MedCare advisory specialist in urology, Bengt-Erik Carbin, Carbin Urology, the Sophiahemmet Hospital located in Stockholm, Sweden. Arrangement available within ~5 business days.
  • biopsy AND result assessment are performed in the selected partner clinic in Riga, Latvia. Riga is easy to reach. Arrangement available within ~7 business days.

In all cases achieved is a drastic reduction of the often very anxious waiting time. Comparative tests between Swedish MedCare laboratory in Riga, Latvia and the corresponding Swedish laboratory, carried out by our advisory specialist in urology, Bengt-Erik Carbin, Carbin Urology, Sophiahemmet Stockholm, have demonstrated totally consistent assessments according to EU standards. 



  • Rezūm steam treatment method - just local anesthesia, 2-3 hours procedure, no hospital stay, great results. Arranged within 1-2 weeks' time in Stockholm, Sweden.


  • High precision minimally invasive robotic surgery with Da Vinci system in Sweden (robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery) or conventional surgery. Method that can be more gentle than traditional surgery, reducing the risk of side effects and shortening time to recovery. Performed by world's top specialists, surgery is arranged within ~2 weeks'  time in Sweden.
  • Radiation treatment - in Helsinki, Finland. Arranged within 10 days' time
  • Chemotherapy - in Stockholm, Sweden or Helsinki, Finland. Arranged within ~10 days

Prostate cancer treatment varies from one individual to another, and is discussed with each patient following the diagnosis.


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