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Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men, with around 10,000 new cases diagnosed each year. In most cases, healthcare systems are effective at dealing with this disease, but because there are so many patients, getting a diagnosis can sometimes require long waiting periods. SMC strives to maintain the utmost quality in the medical exams it administers, and strives above all to reduce diagnostic waiting times.

Doctors recommend - to have regular Men's health check-up for every man after the age of 45.

More and more men are enjoying the quality of life by being confident of their health condition. CHECK YOUR HEALTH!

Our partner clinic in Riga, Latvia offers quick access comprehensive health check performed by specialists:


  • Blood analysis, including cancer markers
  • Urological ultrasound examination
  • Urologist consultation
  • Examination time appx. 1 hour - quick results (including your PSA value!) and clarity of the health condition

Book now and get the most favourable timing. Please fill in the form to the right CONTACT US!


You might benefit from choosing the comprehensive health check program, where men's health check is already included, or make special individualised health check program for your case, please use the CONTACT US to the right and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Swedish MedCare assistant service helps to make your trip as comfortable and trouble-free as possible. The service helps you arrange transportation, monitor appointments, make other bookings and much more.


Freedom of choice in healthcare is ensured by EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare, meaning covering the costs up to equivalent cost of treatment that apply in the resident country. Please read more about cross-border healthcare reimbursement. In many cases your doctor's referral might be required.