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The word “spa” is an acronym dating all the way back to the Roman Empire, when war-weary legionnaires discovered a way to recover from their injuries and ailments. They built public baths called aquae surrounding natural hot springs to provide relief to their aching bodies. They called this treatment sanus per aquam – health through water.

As a complement to our medical services, we are also pleased to offer exclusive spa treatments in collaboration with one of Latvia's premier spa facilities. If there are two or more of you travelling, the person(s) not receiving medical treatment can enjoy proven methods to balance body and soul, helping them relax, and feel younger and more harmonious. The spa specialists blend local touches with ancient and modern knowledge to provide you with a unique experience.

Spa and beauty treatments are the best natural way to relax if you lead a hectic life. We offer both indoor and outdoor treatments in a peaceful Baltic setting. These treatments are not seasonal. They can be enjoyed year-round in a natural setting that helps restore harmony and balance in the body. Contact us using the form on the right if you would like more information about what services are available.