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apply for the orthopedic diagnostics or surgery

1. Send us:

  • information about the desirable service
  • available medical history information (X-ray, MR results etc.) and documention (specialist's referral). 
  • some other information might be asked for to evaluate the health condition (e.g., filling out Questionnaire form)

If you do not have diagnostics done or documentation on hand, do not worry. It can be arranged in our hospital. This involves either coming twice to Riga -first time for the diagnostics and next for the surgery, or you might arrive 2-4 days in advance before scheduled surgery day to have diagnostics.

2. Our experts review the case and supply the answer. If it is YES for the surgery, also supplied:

  • suggested surgery date
  • invoice
  • recommendations before the surgery

3. You arrive at least 1-2 days before the surgery, Swedish MedCare Assistant meets you and brings to the hotel/ hospital. If you prefer - somebody from your relatives to accompany you are also welcome. They can stay in the nearby hotel and visit you during your hospital stay.

4. A day before surgery you enter the hospital  and have:

  • blood analysis done
  • consultation with anesthesiologist
  • consultation with specialist -surgeon

5. Days 3-8 -rehabilitation after surgery.

6. Swedish MedCare assistant brings you to the port/ airport, so you are safe to travel back home.


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We appreciate your action in finding a solution for your health issue.