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one of the best and most comprehensive health check programs within one day! 

Swedish MedCare offers quick and secure insight into your health within 2 weeks' time.

Being healthy is the best investment: by having a thorough examination of your health condition, you give yourself the very best conditions to maintain the quality of life and health for years to come. 

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HEALTH CHECK PROGRAM executive smart screening

Rich and generous contents of this health check program allows you and your doctor to have the needed comprehensive information of your current health condition.

  • Doctor (therapeut, internist) visit
  • Blood analysis (>40 indicators: blood status, heart/vessels, diabetes, vitamins&minerals, thyroid gland, liver, kidneys, inflammation, cancer, other), laboratory tests (urine) 
  • Heart check: resting ECG – an ECG that measures the heart’s electrical activity at rest. This makes it possible to detect heart disease and heart rhythm disorders
  • Exercise ECG – ECG under physical strain to provide supplementary heart and physical performance data
  • Lung check: spirography– measurement of lung function 
  • Heart check: Echocardiography – ultrasound of the heart with assessment of valves, walls, pericardium, blood flow and determination of functional state
  • Carotis Doppler - Doppler ultrasound of head and neck blood vessels- analysis of blood flow
  • Leg artery and vein duplex ultrasound - test to see how blood moves through vessels. 
  • Osteodensitometry DXA- bone (hip) density test
  • whole body MRI - magnetic resonance imaging for the brain, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, spine. Results evaluated by 2 specialists
  • Examination time appx. 5 hours. 

+ Individual written report with health examination summary sent within 10 days

+ Summary review of test and investigation results with specialist by phone /internet

+ Trip from/to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kopenhagen <-> Riga

+ Free night at hotel (before examinations)

+ Transport to/from the examinations

+ Assistant accompanying through examinations

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If you have questions or want to know more please use the CONTACT US to the right and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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