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If you are interested in diagnostics without the wait or in a second opinion on a diagnosis you have been given by your doctor, you should contact us by filling the form to the right. 

medicinskdiagnostik4enDiagnostic examinations are essential tools for determining your state of health, making it possible to deal with (potential) medical problems and live a long life in good health. Swedish MedCare works with a network of highly-qualified specialists in a wide variety of medical fields, all of whom are well versed in the most modern methods of treatment, and have access to state-of-the-art equipment. Our team of physicians will help you achieve your health goals, and our diagnostic services help lay the groundwork for proper, fact-based treatment.


This program cover basic diagnostics, including blood work and other common health indicators, as well as a number of more specialised assessments. Your consultation will provide you with extensive information about your state of health, as well as proposed treatments or lifestyle changes to help you maintain your quality of life for many years to come. Among other things, the specialised exams comprise functional diagnostics and diagnostic radiology, including magnetic resonance imaging.


Services available to you through Swedish MedCare:


Comprehensive health check-up program, or just 2nd opinion of particular specialist (also in Sweden), or customize an individualized check-up program according to the client’s /company’s (for employees) needs. Companies combine corporate trainings or team-building activities with executive health checks. Availability or arrangements ~ 1-3 weeks, depending on the type of investigation.

Including surgery and plastic surgery of eye lids, corneal transplantation, vision correction by implanting an intraocular collamer contact lens (ICL). Availability or arrangements ~ 2-3 weeks.

Prostate check, biopsy, robot surgery (within 14 days in Stockholm, Sweden, or Helsinki, Finland), sexologist consultations after operation – handled in Sweden. Partner laboratory ensures quick expert results on biopsies –within 4-5 days.


Prostate biopsies handled within 4-5 days. Breast and colon biopsies within 10 days.

  • BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT (in Sweden). Incl. surgery and prosthetics.

IVF/ICSI. Egg donation, freezing of egg cells, embryo donation. PGD/PGS (pre-implantation genes diagnostic and screening). Intimate plastic surgery for medical cases.


Variety of diagnostic services.Consultationsfor patients with neurological diseases of different genesis such as radicular back pain syndromes, dizziness and coordination impairment, paroxysms of unconsciousness and epilepsy, neurological infections, demyelinating diseases (including multiple sclerosis), peripheral nerve disease, headache, parkinsonism, hyperkinesia, circulatory disorders (stroke), etc. Availability or arrangements ~ 2 weeks.

Quick access diagnostic and treatment of ballast-musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, rheumatology, spine, foot surgery, arthroplasty, physiotherapy, rehabilitation. All types of operations relating to acute injuries, bone fractures, joint conditions and spinal problems. Availability or arrangements ~ 1 week.

Non-surgical rejuvenation. Laser dermacosmetology. Laser dermatosurgery. Oncodermatosurgery. Surgical treatment of transsexualism. Weight-reduction treatments. Intimate surgery.


Snoring, restless sleeping impacts heart and brain function.Diagnostics and treatment of sleep disorders. Availability or arrangements ~ 1.5 weeks.