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SMC’s IVF program is managed by Associate Professor Per Sundström, founder of the Cura Clinic in Malmö. He was one of the first doctors to work with IVF in Sweden, and he and his team were behind the second test tube baby ever to be born in Scandinavia. Per Sundström began working with IVF at Malmö University Hospital in 1978. Six years later he defended his doctoral dissertation, which was the second study ever to be performed on IVF worldwide. During his years at the Cura Clinic, more than 3500 children were born thanks to IVF.


SMC offers Swedish couples (both private patients and some IVF patients from the public healthcare system) the opportunity to undergo every type of IVF procedure at a lower cost than in Sweden, but with the same quality standards. For 10 years, the team in Riga has worked successfully with IVF, achieving results comparable to the results in Sweden. They are certified and have access to the latest equipment. They adhere to Swedish IVF routines, and they all speak excellent English. Couples who choose to undergo IVF treatment in Riga will notice no difference in the methods or the results compared to IVF treatments carried out in Sweden.

Per Sundström
Associate Professor and specialist adviser to SMC’s IVF program.