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Oral surgery is used to correct problems or damage to the mouth, teeth and jaw. This is often referred to as oral and maxillofacial surgery, as oral surgery can be performed in conjunction with operations on the structures of the face, sinuses and neck/throat. Oral surgery is used to remove wisdom teeth, prepare the mouth for prosthetics, correct jaw problems and to perform root canals.

Oral surgeons also perform more advanced procedures that may be required if the structures of the mouth have been damaged by trauma or severe illness.

The following treatments are available:

  • Specialised treatment of inflammation, injuries, tumours and deformations
  • Dental root operations
  • Outpatient surgical treatment in the event of benign formations on the skin of the face, lips or mouth, and in the event of cysts in the jaw or soft tissue
  • Tooth extractions under general anaesthesia
  • Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, bone elevation and other pre-prosthetic procedures
  • Transplantation of teeth
  • Reconstructive surgery for post-traumatic, post-operative and hereditary deformations
  • Temporomandibular joint surgery
  • Endoscopy of the salivary glands