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Orthodontics has to do with adjusting the relationship between the teeth and the jaw with the aid of braces, and in some cases surgery. Most types of dental anomalies and malocclusions can be treated in both children and adults. Such problems can only be remedied through orthodontic treatment. The result is more attractive teeth, and a stable bite.

The following treatments are available:

  • Professional treatment of anomalies and deformations of the teeth and face for both children and adults
  • Combined orthodontic and surgical treatment for children and adults with cleft palate or severe and hereditary dental and facial anomalies
  • Sealing of the gaps between the teeth for patients with periodontal diseases
  • Orthodontics prior to the insertion of prostheses
  • Diagnostics of all types, including x-ray and computer analysis of the contact relationship between the teeth when the jaws are closed (occlusion)
  • Maxillofacial 3D diagnostics
  • Various types of braces made of porcelain, sapphire, metal and gold. Fixation of the braces on the outer (buccal) or inner (lingual) faces of the teeth