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Choice of partners

The basic idea behind Swedish Medcare is to offer you care and recuperation of the highest quality. Because we want to feel confident about the services we provide, we have put a lot of work into choosing the partners we work with. We have signed binding cooperation agreements with all of them, putting special emphasis on ISO standards and liability insurance in making our selections. In the course of this work we have got to know our partners, their ethics and their way of organising and running a professional medical business – simply put, we know who we are working with.
We also know that the training received by doctors, dentists and nurses in Riga is up to a very high standard, drawing approximately 200 Swedish students to pursue their studies there. Another highly-respected local educational institution is the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. The country’s connections to Sweden are strong, both now and historically.

Medical quality

In order to ensure the medical quality of the services we offer through our partners, we have created Swedish Medcare’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB), whose members are Swedish specialist physicians with extensive experience in both Swedish and international healthcare in their respective fields. Working on location with our partners, the MAB has verified their professional experience and specialist expertise, as well as their use of modern methods and excellent state of the art equipment – on a par with or even better than Swedish conditions. MAB also performs continuous follow-up work.

We take care of you

When you seek treatment or recuperation through us, you will be our guest. We want your trip to be a wholly positive and fruitful experience. You shouldn’t have to worry about bookings, appointments, transportation or language problems, and should be able to relax completely to focus on your treatments and any cultural events or other experiences you have chosen to pursue. This is why we have created SMC Assistance, a comprehensive service to help you with everything you need during your stay. You will notice this as soon as you arrive at Riga by air or by sea; your personal SMC assistant will be there to greet you with a car (and driver). All this is included at no extra cost.

Our website

We have tried to design our website to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you are looking for, while at the same time providing information that is both accurate and detailed. While it is not possible to avoid using technical terms when describing our medical services, we have endeavoured to make the descriptions readily comprehensible to a regular user to give you an idea of what the various services entail. You are naturally welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

The right to medical care abroad

Under EU law, you are entitled to seek medical care in another country; this is referred to as cross-border care. You also have the right to compensation for the costs incurred, the compensation to which you are entitled is limited by what the same treatment would have cost in your home country. Finding the right provider in the right country can be a problem, but Swedish MedCare will help you find qualified, affordable care. You can read more about cross-order care here.